by Kristi Webb, Trustee

I once heard someone say that watching Al Hicks cook was like watching a ballet. ThoseAl Hicks probably aren’t words most of us associate with chefs, but Al was unusual in many ways. First, there was the fact that he – a young, African-American student from Fisk College – took the train to Vermont at all. Al became a history teacher in Harlem and would bring some of his students up to camp to assist him in the kitchen. He used to say that he had to warn them in advance that it would be totally dark, and there would be wild animals such as porcupines in the woods. Al was not only an opera fan but a personal friend of Ms. Leontyne Price. And his cooking, of course, was unusually good: those sticky buns!

Educator, chef, pioneer, one of a large family whom he brought to camp, member of the F&W Board of Trustees, legend.

We are so honored to be dedicating the Al Hicks Kitchen at Timberlake to this beloved member of the F&W community on Saturday May 26 at 4 pm. We can’t promise sticky buns, but we hope you’ll join us.

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