We’ve had such great interest in the new TF Counselor Apprenticeship program at the Barn Day Camp, we’ve decided to expand the opportunity for teens to apply to be Counselor Apprentices working at Indian Brook (IB) and Timberlake (TL). 

Overview: The Counselor Apprenticeship is a 6.5-week (June 27-August 12) leadership development program for 15 to 17-year-olds. Counselor Apprentices receive in-depth counselor training, including the option of Red Cross Lifeguard certification. They will spend each morning as Counselor Apprentices at Indian Brook or Timberlake.  Additionally, there will be several afternoons of training and planning time with supportive staff.

There is an additional application process for this limited program as participants will be expected to take on a large amount of responsibility at the younger camps. The teens in this program will live at Tamarack Farm and be full members of the community, participating in evening and weekend programming.

Tuition: The reduced rate for this program is $6,000 for the full season.

Application: Participants in this program will apply as campers at TF and they will also fill out an additional application (request by emailing [email protected]) and complete a phone interview.

Training: Counselor Apprentices will receive intensive counselor training, covering, emergency action plans, risk management, F&W mission & values, child development theory, activity preparation (with an experiential approach), trip training, and inclusivity & equity. During the second week, the Counselor Apprentices will have the opportunity to gain Red Cross lifeguard certification (non-swimmers can receive in-depth skill training in one activity area), and First Aid.

Work: The Counselor Apprentices will assist with a program area (Outdoor Living Skills, Barns & Gardens, Work Projects, Creative Arts) each morning at either IB or TL.  They will come back to TF for lunch.  Often, they will meet together in the afternoons to debrief, receive on-going training/support, plan an afternoon activity, or run an activity back at the younger camps.  They will be held to the high expectations we have of all our staff with an additional level of support and on-going training. Once Apprentices have successfully completed the program, they will have the certifications and experience we look for in our summer staff.

Community Living: The Counselor Apprentices will be full community members of Tamarack Farm taking part in orientation and goals setting, meals, chores, silent meeting, community singing and appreciation time, evening programming (town meetings, gender circles, all camp games, social and environmental justice discussions, cabin nights, open-mic nights, and community parties/events like Museum of Farm Arts and farm party), cabin life, 1-on-1 mentorship, and weekend all-camp work projects, rest (Sundays are a day to rest), and adventures (one Saturday is a wilderness adventure day).

Please email [email protected] with any questions.


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