Dear Farm & Wilderness On-line Community,

You might have heard that Facebook’s news feed will soon de-emphasize content from businesses including non-profits, like Farm & Wilderness. If you continue to depend on Facebook for F&W posts, please go to our Facebook page and choose “See First” in news feed preferences to make sure you always see our posts. (There are three tabs directly under the main photo for a page – like, follow and share. If you hover over the follow tab, select “see first” from the menu.)

Other ways to keep in touch:

1. Follow Farm & Wilderness on Twitter. Our handle is @farmwilderness. In the upper right corner next to following you will see three little dots to set “more user actions.” You can select “turn on mobile notifications” if you want our alerts and posts delivered to your phone via Twitter.

2. Follow us on other social media channels like Instagram & YouTube.

3. Become an email subscriber. We promise we won’t SPAM you. We send out occasional emails about our news & events. You can subscribe here.  And be sure to set your preferences to you only receive the emails you want.

4. Opt in to push notifications on your web browser. There is an icon in the lower right corner of your web browser where you can chose to receive push notifications. Whenever we post a story, a little bubble will appear in your web browser that includes the headline. You can click to read the story or shut the window and ignore it. You can also disable the notifications from your computer at any time by clicking in the same area. Because this is browser based, it is configured on your computer. We don’t have any control over subscribing or unsubscribing you. Also, if you have more than one computer, please be aware that you would need to opt in on each device.

5. Visit our website directly by going to Add it to your browser’s bookmark bar.


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