As we settle back into the places we find comfortable and call home, the change in seasons can provide a great moment for reflection on how we shape the spaces around us. Have you been missing the lessons from your OWLS and NEWTS activities? Have you found ways to bring those skills into the community around you? Here are some ways for you to share those Indian Brook camp skills with others:

  • Share the warmth by hosting an evening backyard picnic and teach folks how to build a fire.
  • Spread the word by creating a letter writing club; you can write personal stories to friends.
  • Reach out to leaders in your community about how you can get involved with social justice issues or advocate for unheard voices by requesting new books for your local library.
  • Continue to be a critical consumer and see how you can incorporate more simplicity into your daily life.
  • Hold a ‘virtual’ silent meeting with your friends from camp.
  • Refuse to keep quiet when you need to stand up for yourself or for someone else.

Perhaps you’re bringing home the spirit of IB by contributing to chores without having to be asked, modeling the value of no body talk, or redefining what it means to be a “girl.” The things that you discovered about yourself do not need to be left behind, nor should they only be celebrated at IB. You have the opportunity now to extend the harvest, to continue to discover and foster new strengths and build confidence in your identity. The skills you’ve developed over the summer may not always be tangible, but if you take the time to incorporate them into your daily life, they can continue to grow and enrich your experiences.


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