The Adirondack Classic Questers have finished the first and longest leg of their journey. They passed off their canoes to SAM Camp and have headed out on their hiking portion.

Canoeing was a success! Formerly novice paddlers are now competent in head winds. There were many portages and campers quickly took to the challenges. Everyone paired up to carry a canoe above their heads short distances on land to get to the next lake. Be on the lookout for letters coming in the next few days recounting stories of black bear sightings and makeshift sails for canoes.

Yesterday, Aug 2nd, was a rest day for all. Colleen (Assistant Director of SAM Camp) and Emily (Quester Coordinator) met the group in the Adirondacks. They played soccer, had showers, and feasted on BBQ and milkshakes. Costumes were popular and the group now has a full bear costume and Mickey Mouse hat on the trail with them for extra entertainment. They are most looking forward to some trail D & D (Dungeons and Dragons) while they hike.

The trip is in good spirits and a joy to be around. They are already rehearsing pieces of their trip skit, look forward to a trilingual performance!

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