We are just finishing the final touches on the new sugarhouse as the Farm team prepares for the sugaring season.  With warmer temperatures this afternoon, several F&W staff have strapped on their snow shoes and are tapping the trees this afternoon in our sugarbush.

The new sugar house is a timber-frame building that uses trees cut from Farm & Wilderness land!  We also sawed the extra wood and created boards that were used for the siding on the building.


The frame for the sugar house was cut right here as well.  The Reagan family, who own TimberhArt in Nova Scotia and are longtime alums of the camp, ran a framing workshop for our Resource Staff and some guests (more about this in the upcoming Spring Interim).  With spring on the horizon, the smoke stack has been installed for the arch. The arch consists of large pans where we heat the sap.  We’ve also connected the bulk tanks, which store the sap until it is ready to be boiled by the Farm team. This will happen soon, we hope, if the cold ever lets up here!


For more information on the building’s  frame check out the TimberhArt website: Timberhart.com

Jay Kullman, Resource Director

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