It’s thrilling to be a part of a youth program where the parents are so supportive of the work we do.  I’ve had a chance to meet several families with our travels to NYC and Boston for house parties, and they are amazing!

The following are parent comments from summer of 2010.  Enjoy.

Our girls have had wonderful experiences at Indian Brook. It has meant so much to them to be part of a positive, affirming community of girls and women who value them for who they are, and which provides an alternative to the culture of materialism, competitiveness, instant gratification, early/inappropriate sexuality, and body-image pressure that surrounds them during the rest of the year. We are so grateful to Indian Brook!

 We love Farm and Wilderness! Each time [our daughter] has attended, she has come back seeming stronger, braver, more centered and more adventurous. She talks about it all year long, and has made friends that she stays in touch with. There is nothing that we don’t love about it.

Overall the summer was great and her counselors were so amazing and really brought out the inner self that is my daughter. It was wonderful to see.

I have put savings away for 2 more full summers at camp. I am so committed that I would give it to you now if you would take it. To say I am grateful for your hard work seems so inadequate.

She came away from camp with a great sense of self-worth and pride.

We loved the entire F&W experience and think that there is the absolute perfect balance between pastoral care, challenge, nature and good living.

Communications were tailored to meet our needs. The counselors were very responsive.

 The children came back with new horizons and a stronger sense of self, self responsibility and self preservation. It was a healthy and horizon-broadening experience for all. Many, many thanks. We’ll be back.

 The letter written at the end of the session by the counselors was thoughtful, insightful, and so meaningful for us.

 An amazing experience, very formative, my daughter return more mature and more confident and talks constantly about camo and the friends she made there.

It was clear, even at the end of the short session, that the staff really knew my daughter–they were not merely “managing” the campers.

[Our daughter] returned from camp a calmer and more confident person. When things get tough for her, she draws on what she learned at IB to center and calm herself. I love what camp did for her!

Wow! Fabulous experience for [our daughter]. I didn’t really understand the positive impact camp would have on her and I am so grateful that she pushed to go!

My child grew like the famous beansprout! I don’t think a person could have grown more. She had great experiences of all kinds, including being on a solo during a terrible storm and singing lullabies to her cabin.

[Our daughter] truly loved her time at Farm and Wilderness. The connections she made to other campers as well as to the counselors were profound. Beyond the activities, she was also provided an opportunity to think about her emerging role in the world as a young woman–a facet of her experience at the camp that she relished.

Thank you parents for taking time to give us feedback. 


Amy Bowen

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