I’ve noticed, as perhaps others have as well, there is more spam out there, more political causes and ads that come into our inbox and it’s harder to sift through it. Some of you probably have so many emails it feels like a daily chore just keeping up with the news.

The TL Blog is always here when you feel like checking it. When you are in the mood, you can check it for an update. While I don’t update on a rigid schedule, there’s always at least one new entry a week.

When you want to share it with another family member, there is no delay – you just send them to the blog!

I always try to direct folks to the Blog in my emails, but if the link doesn’t work it’s nice to know you can find your way here via the F&W web.

…and thanks for reading. As a parent myself I know we can be sponges for news about our kids when we are away, and I appreciate many of you would not tire of much greater detail about each day and each child, but bear with me as i try to provide the general tone and feeling of camp and let me know via email if there is a big part you are missing. Thanks

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