I look forward to seeing all of you this Friday the 24th. We recognize it’s going to be difficult to show you a typical “day in the life at Timberlake”. Having the majority of our campers departing is thankfully not a normal day but we are excited about singing some songs with you and meeting all of you in person.

We will begin songs at 9.15 am in the upper lodge, followed by Silent Meeting at our meeting area at 10:00 am. When Silent Meeting finishes we will have a general swim until lunch at noon. Tulio will stay in Ken’s Lodge to mingle and talk.

‘No one goes hungry at Timberlake” is something I hear from our head cook Ben Kruse and we are delighted and honored to invite you to lunch.

After lunch our staff will be doing some final organizing and then take time off to be ready for the next session, so please connect with you son’s counselors before the end of lunch.

For Full Season campers there is an extended visiting day until 5pm. You are welcome to spend the afternoon at Timberlake but cabin staff will be taking a break. An excess of junk food can lead to an unhappy evening, so please go easy on the treats. If anyone other than the camper’s parents is planning to take them off Farm and Wilderness property, you will need to advise us ahead of time.

See you on Friday,

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